Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Flexible BICG an flexible BI-CGSTAB for solving nonsymmetric linear systems    M.Sc.    rezai tarahomi, kaveh    2011-05-10
2    Numerical solution for a system of singularly perturbed linear and similinear convection diffusion equations.    Ph.D    Ghorbanzdeh, Mohammad    2011-07-20
3    Adaptive numerical methods for macroscopic traffic flow models    Ph.D    davoodi, nooshin    2011-12-17
4    finite volume method for solving Elliptic problems in two and three dimensions with Dirichlet and Neumann boundary condition    M.Sc.    Nassajian Mojarrad, Seyedeh Fatemeh    2012-02-08
5    numerical solution of Fredholm Integral Equation by Finite Element Method    M.Sc.    zeidabadi, hamed    2012-06-12
6    moving mesh method for problems with blow-up on unbounded domains    M.Sc.    atashbahar, ali    2013-05-08
7    Iterative methods for solving the generalized inverse of toeplitz matrices    M.Sc.    ebrahimi, akram    2013-05-19
8    Application of singular value decomposition to the image processing    M.Sc.    rahimiyan, maryam    2013-06-04
9    Analytical and numerical methods for fractional differential equations with delay and their stability investigation    M.Sc.    mirzaee, seyedeh zeinab    2013-06-08
10    Least squares methods for solving differential equations using Bézier control points    M.Sc.    shakiba, aynaz    2013-07-01
11    Search for efficient general linear methods for ordinary differential equation    M.Sc.    orouji, abolfazl    2013-12-11
12    Solving of a class of partial differential equations by sub-ode method    M.Sc.    mortazavi, mina    2014-04-14
13    Fast Iterative Methods for The Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations    M.Sc.    razavi, ghasem    2015-01-05
14    Numerical solution of second-order ordinary differential equations using direct methods    M.Sc.    Khosravi, Sadeq    2015-11-23
15    Bezier and B-Spline Curves and Applications in Computer Aided Design    M.Sc.    bumari, morteza    2015-12-22
16    Numerical solving of elliptic second order differential equation with spectral element method    Ph.D    Kafaei Razavi, Mostafa    2016-01-26
17    Solving Fractional differential equations By radial basis functions and sinc    Ph.D    noghrei, nafiseh    2017-05-23
18    Improving AOR iterative method by preconditioning for special matrices    M.Sc.    kiyani rad, mahjoobe    2017-08-07
19    Compact finite difference method for integro-differential equations    M.Sc.    abolhasan zadeh, hamideh    2017-12-26